Broken Hill Solar Plant viewing platform opens

Photographed (L to R), Timothy Bauer (winner of design competition), The Hon. Ben Franklin NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy), Mayor of Broken Hill, Darriea Turley, Dr Thomas Parry, Chair of PARF

Yesterday was the official opening of the viewing platform for the Broken Hill Solar Plant.

The viewing platform was designed by recognised Birrell Scholar and Architect, Timothy Bauer, who participated in the global design competition facilitated by AGL and the Broken Hill Art Exchange.

Timothy’s design not only makes a valuable and lasting contribution to the artistic and cultural landscape of Broken Hill, but also helps to showcase the importance of renewables in the NSW energy mix.

His design is based on the concept of earth and sky – the structure represents the earth as Broken Hill’s heritage as a rich mining community; and the sky as the possibility of transitioning to an enlightened future. The dynamic façade produces an ever-changing interplay of light and shadow as a poetic notion of sunlight, and as the viewer moves up the ramped pathway, a multitude of perspectives offer connection with the red earth and boundless sky surrounding the vast expanse of the solar installation.

The 140-hectare 53 MW solar plant, owned by the Powering Australian Renewables Fund and operated by AGL, produces enough renewable energy to power 22,000 average Australian homes.

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  1. Bestcustomessay

    AGL is a business owned by shareholders is it not? AGL is investing, i.e. they are building or buying wind and solar generation now, so that as the turbines at Liddell are decommissioned (staged) they will be producing power from RE until all turbines are decommissioned. No power will be turned off, so the shareholders happy. AGL has had the foresight and others need to do the same, simple. Only dumb companies will wait until RE makes them unprofitable. If their boards and shareholders don”t see the light, then their business will collapse. But it just doesn”t have be that way does it. Are you getting the big picture now.

  2. Graeme Hanigan

    I am the secretary of the White Cliffs Solar Thermal Power Station Friends Inc. and we are undertaking a project to preserve of the worlds first commercial solar thermal power station build in the Opal Mining Town of White Cliffs by the ANU in 1980’s. We are looking for corporate sponsorship and wonder if AGL would be interested?


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