Presentation to Powering Australia conference

Today, I was fortunate to present to the Powering Australia conference. You can access my slides here. The presentation is based upon two academic papers I have recently authored (or co-authored). You can access the first one on the future of generation here and the second one about price dispersion here.

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  1. RickWill

    The chart in Figure 5 of the paper showing marginal cost of electricity for different sources of generation only applies to low penetration of wind and solar.

    As market share of intermittent generation is pushed upward the capacity factor declines. This is now being experienced in SA. In fact AEMO are already forecasting the minimum demand in the SA network will be zero in 2024. So there will be times when none of the grid scale wind and solar plants can produce because of lack of demand.

    Forcing intermittent generation into the grid necessarily forces prices up and the grid becomes uneconomic. The cheapest form of residential power in SA is already rooftop solar with battery. There is no way grid connected wind and solar with storage can compete with rooftop solar/battery given the high added costs of transmission, distribution and retailing.


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