AGL’s initiatives tackling energy affordability

We are keenly aware of the current pressure on energy affordability for our customers, and appreciate that periods of vulnerability can impact upon us all.

The AGL FY17 Sustainability Report details a number of initiatives that we have implemented with the objective of ensuring customers are supported through challenging periods and able to benefit from the competitive energy market. These include:

  • our A Fairer Way package, announced in March 2017, which places our most vulnerable customers on specifically designed products with high unconditional discounts;
  • investing $1.2 million over three years to increase financial counselling resources in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. This funding ensures that additional resources are dedicated to supporting vulnerable consumers, connecting them wherever possible with appropriate support services;
  • continuing to implement integrated partnerships which assist vulnerable consumers to improve the sustainability of their energy spend by reducing consumption through technology deployment and energy efficiency upgrades. This has included our $1 million partnership with the NSW Government to deliver solar energy to vulnerable customers residing in social housing, while providing additional support through a home energy visit by Kildonan Uniting;
  • funding the joint Queensland Government and Queensland Council of Social Service ‘Switched On Communities’ program, which provided grants to local community organisations to support vulnerable customers in engaging with the energy market and accessing concessions and additional retailer supports that are available;
  • ensuring customers who are impacted by domestic violence are appropriately supported in line with our family and domestic violence policy.

These initiatives complement the supports available to our customers through our hardship program, Staying Connected. We encourage all our customers to access these supports in times of need.

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  1. Doug Anderson

    Such exorbitant increases over the past decade attest to how serious are about ripping off Australian customers. The private sector has failed dismally here. Shame on you.

    • Social Presence admin

      Hi Doug, I don’t think you are alone in this thinking. A heavy burden is placed on consumers when they have to consider energy bills as they stand right now – let alone when prices become more expensive. We acknowledge this, and are committed to doing something about it. Please understand that any decision to increase prices for our customers is not one that we take lightly. The fact is that as one of the biggest Retailers in the country, we can create the biggest change. That is why you can read about the initiatives we have taken on this page. There is a little bit more here as well: I hope you’re with us (at least one day, if not right away). Sincerely, Jordan


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