AGL’s operations produce a variety of different waste streams, which are either reused, recycled or disposed to landfill.

At AGL’s industrial sites, opportunities to reuse wastes are sought, and materials such as scrap metal and waste oil are recycled. Hazardous wastes are transported to licensed waste management facilities using regulated waste tracking systems.

A strategic review of waste management service contracts was undertaken during FY2015, with new standard terms and conditions developed for AGL waste management contractors to assist AGL in resource recovery and risk reduction. During FY2016, waste management contractors at AGL Macquarie have implemented improved tracking of individual waste streams, and are working towards establishing a recycling target. The location of waste receptacles has also been improved to assist operators segregate and dispose of waste correctly and a major clean-up of obsolete materials and equipment has been completed.

Visit the AGL 2016 Sustainability Report for more information.

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