Article on AGL’s new Solar Command product

There is an interesting article in today’s Australian Financial Review in which Stephen Mikkelsen, AGL’s Executive General Manager of Energy Markets discusses the new Solar Command product which allows customers to monitor the performance and efficiency of their rooftop solar systems via AGL’s mobile app, relative to other factors like local weather conditions.

In this recently published paper, we discussed how energy businesses will need to compete to supply not only conventional energy plans, but also to provide new technologies and energy services that demonstrate compelling value to customers by increasing their comfort and control – and Solar Command is a great example of this kind of innovation.

The AGL Energy mobile app, together with Solar Command, will allow customers to track their real-time solar output, as well as their home’s overall energy consumption.  This article shows how to date, solar PV has not substantially contributed to reducing strain on the network at peak times – however with access to more information, and new technologies like battery storage, customers will have much more opportunity to shift and manage their demand, allowing them to control their usage, reduce their energy costs and help to ease infrastructure congestion at peak times.

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  1. Phillip ponton

    Mighty pissed off. I got persuaded to replace my perfectly serviceable power meter, which was installed with my solar panels and indicated my solar output etc, with an AGL “smart” meter. It seems the new meter is actually unable to perform the tasks the old meter did and to make matters worse I now have to purchase the AGL “solar command” product at great expense to access the information I used to get free. This is an outright con by AGL and I’ll be advising anyone who is interested to avoid AGL and this scheme. I am now in the process of looking for a new energy supplier.

    • Social Presence admin

      Hi Phillip, thank you for leaving this feedback and sincere apologies for the inconvenienced caused. Our Solar service team are well-equipped to be able to help you with your meter issue and they can be contacted on 1800 356 363 (OPTION 4, THEN 3). I will be sure to pass along your feedback concerning the cost associated with the Solar Command subscription. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Sincerely, Jordan


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