Tracking ethical conduct

Ensuring that we behave ethically in all our business dealings is very important to AGL, and to our stakeholders.

During FY2015, AGL addressed ten issues relating to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace (compared with 13 in FY2014). Seven of these issues were substantiated following investigation in accordance with AGL’s Workplace Issues Resolution Guidelines (FY2014: ten). Disciplinary actions taken included coaching, written warnings, performance counselling and termination of employment.

We have set ourselves a target that in FY2016 there will be a reduction in the rate of substantiated issues relating to unacceptable behaviour in the workplace of 33% or more.  We will report on our performance against this target in the FY2016 Sustainability Report.

See AGL’s FY2015 Sustainability Report to read more about AGL’s framework for ensuring ethical conduct.

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