Flexibility is an important focus area of AGL’s diversity strategy, and flexible work is becoming an increasingly accepted way of working at AGL. Flexible working options include part-time work, job sharing, compressed working weeks, flexible start and finish times and telecommuting.

AGL supports employees who seek flexible work arrangements, including the specific needs of our employees who are carers.

During FY2015, AGL extended the amount of purchased leave available to employees from two weeks to six weeks. When considered with the paid annual leave entitlement of four weeks, this enables an employee to extend their total leave entitlement to 10 weeks per annum, with leader approval. This benefit provides additional support to working parents dealing with the challenges of providing child care during the annual calendar of school holidays.

In recognition that individuals, organisations and communities must all play a role in changing the way we support people impacted by domestic violence, in September 2015 AGL introduced a new policy providing AGL employees with up to 10 days paid Domestic Violence Leave, along with flexible work arrangements and access to counselling services through the Employee Assistance Program. Read more in the energy affordability section of the Sustainability Report.

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