Employee Engagement

Employee engagement measures the degree to which employees are connected to the company they work for, and is a core metric for measuring the health and success of the organisation.

In the context of a rapidly changing energy industry, maintaining a high level of employee engagement is increasingly important for attracting and retaining talented employees and, ultimately, for the delivery of business results.

In FY2015, AGL achieved an engagement score of 76% (comparable to FY2014’s score of 77%), achieving our target of equalling or exceeding 75%. This score places AGL in the ORC International’s ‘Best Performing Zone’, which represents the threshold of the top 20 organisations with more than 2,000 employees from ORC International’s global database, based on the question set AGL uses. With a 78% participation rate in the FY2015 survey, the results provide a good representation of AGL’s engagement level.

For further information on the above, click here to read AGL’s Sustainability Report.

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