Donation of Excess Stationery

During AGL’s Melbourne office move to 699 Bourke Street, employees were advised to start collecting any necessary items they may need at the new office and to dispose of any excess stationery items that had been piling up in utility rooms and storage areas around the office at 120 Spencer Street.

Our first boxes of excess stationery was sent to the Salvo’s and RSPCA Victoria in May by our wonderful EFL champion Dee Robertson.

Since then, Kathryn Panias and Laura Pietromartire have organised over 30 boxes of stationery to other charities.

“Given our Psychology and Social Work backgrounds, Kathryn and I are very passionate about giving back to the community in any way we can and we have been involved with a number of charities over the years, therefore it became very clear as to what we needed to do and how we could get involved with the AGL Energy for Life initiative.

As we had been assisting the 699 Project team with the move, we suggested that we organise boxes of mixed stationery items to donate to a variety of wonderful organisations and schools that help the disadvantaged as well as local government primary schools.

In conjunction with our fantastic maintenance team, we started boxing up the items and called charities such as, Very Special Kids who provide care to children who are terminally ill and their families as well as special aid schools for children who have specific developmental impairments or who are deaf or blind. These schools and organisations were based all over Melbourne and were so grateful to AGL for donating these items to them.

With the help of our fantastic Mailroom Supervisor, Brian McKerr, we have donated over 30 boxes of stationery to these wonderful organisations and still counting!  It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of AGL’s generous donation initiative and to see the great impact this had on the schools and charities we approached.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this process, your generous help was much appreciated.”

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  1. Ross Lucas

    Hi I was researching recycling office supplies and came across this blog. We had a similar experience when our company Treasury Wine Estates moved from the Fosters building to our own building in Southbank. Staff were encouraged to throw out office supplies. I gathered over 80- two ring binders from the bins and have progressively given them to various organisations. e.g. Brotherhood, St John of God Hospital. I still have about 20 binders remaining any suggestions in your experience who could put them to use? Thanks in advance Ross

    • Marg Mitchell

      Hi Ross, thanks for your response. So great to hear there are other organisations doing good like this! I would suggest getting in contact with any charity’s that your organisation/employees feel passionate about. Our charity partners, Vinnies, The Smith Family, RSPCA are just a few of the charity’s that have been able to utilise this sort of excess stationery. I’d also suggest local schools could use that type of thing as well.

      All the best and thanks again for sharing the great work you are doing within the community. All the best.

  2. Michelle

    Hi – This seems like a really great thing! We are moving offices and have an excess of brand new stationary. We would like to donate.

    Please email me if this is possible.

    Kindest Regards,

    Michelle Mihalj

    • Cathlin Thurbon

      Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your comment – I’ll send you an email directly –

  3. Isabel

    Hi there,
    We’re about to move office and have a wide range of unused stationery. What charity would be willing to except magazine racks or spiral binders?

    • Marg Mitchell

      Hi Isabel

      Thanks for your comment. We reached out to all our charity partners and other organisations such as Rotary clubs. They came to our offices to pick up what they needed and I honestly can’t recall if there was a specific charity that wanted magazine racks or spiral binders. They all just took what they needed. Sorry I can’t help any further. All the best for the move.


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