Battery Storage Launched

AGL today announced it is launching a battery storage device into the Australian market, making it the first energy retailer to do so. The initial offering will be for residential and small business, giving consumers more control over managing their energy consumption.

AGL’s Power Advantage  proposition, will include a range of battery storage devices based on lithium-ion technology, making them clean, compact and reliable.

AGL’s Energy Storage Lead, Ed Lynch-Bell says, energy storage is still an emerging technology but is moving very quickly. As such AGL is focused on providing new, innovative and integrated offerings to meet consumers changing energy needs.

“The launch of Power Advantage is another pillar of AGL’s multi-pronged strategy of being a leader in the evolving new energy and disruptive technology space.

“The first device will be capable of storing 6kWh of solar energy and will suit an average family home with 3-4.5kW of solar PV. The battery storage device however could be used in a home without solar PV. The battery will be the size of a large suitcase and will provide consumers with backup for essential home services such as lighting, refrigeration and communications, a welcome peace of mind for potential disruptions of energy supply.”

The battery packs, made by a leading international consumer electronics manufacturer and which have been through AGL’s rigorous testing standards, have a long life and are backed by AGL’s extended warranty. A range of attractive finance plans will make energy storage accessible to all.

AGL’s aim is to provide tailored energy solutions for consumers which integrate energy generation and storage. For example, with real time monitoring of a home’s solar power system and the right storage device to suit a consumer’s needs, AGL energy storage devices will enable a consumer to store power and use it when they want.

AGL has plans to develop a suite of products to cater to a range of home and business sizes and types. The 6kwh battery storage device is the first in this range and in the initial phase will be available in limited numbers. Larger battery sizes will be available later this year. People can register their interest for the battery at

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  1. Ian Barrie Egerton

    As a resident on the 19th floor of a 20-storey block, not only would I like off peak battery storage and electricity back-up, but also for AGL to develop a power back-up for our lifts!

  2. Steve Flora

    Interesting and will be even more so once prices are shown and details given on the manufacturer of the devices. I have a 6.2k system, so I am imaging that this 6kWh device would be workable with it as well ….

  3. ItisI

    Need to know a price. You can’t state your the first in market, when it isn’t for sale and no price has been disclosed. With Teslsa recently announcing their solution, it will be interesting to see how your price and solution stacks up.
    More info please.

    • Lauren Kane

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment. As we are providing a broad solution to customers, the battery will be priced as part of an integrated package, which could include solar, grid energy and other services. Price will therefore depend on your needs. For example retrofitting a battery to an existing solar system has different cost considerations than including it as part of a new system. Also, we are working with a number of battery suppliers, some of which are still in negotiation with us, so we are not in a position to divulge specific prices.

      Check out the discussion happening now on The AGL Community for more info:


  4. Rachel

    We have a 2kw solar system that currently meets our families general needs, but we would love to be able to heat & cool from the battery! If you need someone to trial the battery please let us know!!

  5. Frank

    We, your potential customers need to know the cost. Precious little disclosure on this ll important topic from you!
    I understand that there is a 10kW/h limit on the batteries. So, what happens, if there is a let’s say 12 kW/h solar panel array already installed, will the batteries store up to 10 kW/h and the rest (2kW/h) are sold to the grid?
    I need to know

  6. William

    Am interested in a stand alone battery, no solar, turnkey solution. Will of course be comparing costs to the indicative prices for the same from Tesla, et al.

    • Daniel

      This is a marketing release with very little substance. I don’t think it is worthy of claiming ‘1st to market’.
      I am very keen on a battery storage product to combine with my 3kw (expandable to 5kw) Solar PV system,
      but without even an indication of pricing, this is a pure marketing play. Please come up with some pricing

  7. eleanor

    i would be interested in a full system that would be 90% independent from the grid I am already one of your customers and would be glad to test your system for you.

  8. Paul Micallef

    From what I can see you want to sell the Tesla Battery only with a package of solar Panels,what about those who already have solar panels? To my Knowledge this Battery has been available in the USA already a few years and it has been installed in big factories as well .So why we are so behind Here?

    • Lauren Kane

      Hi Paul,

      Our storage product will be able to be retro-fitted to existing solar systems. Check out this thread on The AGL Community for more info on the AGL Power Advantage:


  9. Peter Sommerville

    Since I installed my solar system I have remained in credit. This is largely due to the size of the system and the amount of power I export to the grid. The current feed-in tariff is adequate to cover the service fee. But at the end of 2016 the feed-in tariff will fall to the wholesale price. I am already on avtime of use contract. My peak comsumption is around 1900, when solar output is low or negligible, depending on the season. I am looking at battery storage of a significant proportion of my solar production to tide me through my peak, which also coincides with my peak tariff.

  10. Sylvia Else

    Knowing that the battery can store 6kWh is one thing, but how much power can be drawn from it? For example if I turn on my 2.4kW kettle and 1kW microwave oven for a few minutes, will all that power be drawn from the battery, or will some still be drawn from the grid?

    • Lauren Kane

      Hi Sylvia,

      Check out this Q&A we ran on The AGL Community for more info about our battery storage: There is a lot of info in this thread, but if you have any further questions, we encourage you to ask the Community.


  11. Ben

    I would like to be the first in Australia – to install battery power storage.
    I already have solar panels – but selling it back to the grid is pretty much a waste of time (25cents per kilowatt)… That’s about $50 off my quarterly bill (WOW!!!)… $15 bucks a month…

  12. Tony M

    I just built a new eco home with extra insulation, double glazing, 100% LED lighting. Just to have a 100% off grid lighting system alone would be great. LED lights consume 20% less than the previous generation of lighting. It should be relatively easy to have a battery backup provide enough solar power to light the whole house 365 days a year. And if the lights are powered by solar, having them on in the day time would cost nothing extra, if required.

  13. Paul Micallef

    Well Fellows,I made an inquire in China for 14 Batteries each 200 amp hour 12volt, which these batteries The whole 14 off including delivery to Port Melb,and the totlal cost is the same Ki$1856 AUD,of which I already have 5KW of the same when this Tesla battery is becoming available here I will make the proper check up and I see what it cost if i can get it direct from the supplier for a cheaper price Overseas,because it looks to me that when this Tesla battery is available here it only going to be sold with panels as well as a package and if so if it is sold outside the package think before you jump 20 story building it might cost double the price,


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