Check out the week for the AGL Nyngan Solar Plant!

Above you can see the generation profile for the week for our Nyngan Solar Plant. The electricity is coming from a section of the solar plant which consists of approximately 350,000 solar photovoltaic (PV) modules. Further generation will progressively be brought online over the next three months as the remaining three sections of the plant are individually commissioned.

This is a significant milestone for Australia’s largest utility-scale solar PV plant.








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  1. Gordon Garradd

    Hi, excellent news that it is performing well. Any chance of a live output display, along with air temperature, wind speed, and solar radiation levels, which I assume you are already monitoring with a weather station?

    Also, what wattage panels are you using, 25MW from the currently installed ~350,000 panels suggests only ~100W panels producing ~70% of their rated output, surely 100W panels cant be right?



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