AGL shortlisted for funding under Solar Flagships

AGL has been shortlisted for funding under the $1.5 billion Commonwealth Government Solar Flagships program. AGL’s project is the result of alot of hardwork by people within our Power Development team. The Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism’s press release is paraphrased below:

The shortlisted projects announced below will now share up to $15 million in feasibility funding.

  • Solar photovoltaic
    • AGL Energy proposes a multi-site project using thin film cadmium telluride solar photovoltaic technology generating up to150MW at multiple sites across Australia including ACT, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia;
    • TRUenergy proposes a single site near Mildura, using thin film cadmium telluride solar photovoltaic technology to generate up to 180MW;
    • Infigen/Suntech’s crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic technology would be deployed at up to three sites in New South Wales or Victoria to generate up to 195MW; and
    • BPSolar proposes a single axis tracking photovoltaic system to generate 150MW from plants constructed at several locations in New South Wales.
  • Solar thermal
    • ACCIONA Energy Oceania proposes to generate 200MW using solar thermal parabolic trough technology at a single site in either Queensland or South Australia;
    • Parsons Brinckerhoff proposes to construct a 150MW solar thermal parabolic trough power station at Kogan Creek in Queensland;
    • Wind Prospect CWP proposes to use linear fresnel technology at Kogan Creek in Queensland to construct a 250MW power plant; and
    • Transfield proposes to convert the Collinsville coal-fired power station in Queensland into a 150MW solar thermal linear fresnel power plant.

The Government intends to announce the two final successful applicants – one solar thermal and one solar photovoltaic – for Round One of the Solar Flagships Program in the first half of 2011.

This futher demonstrates how AGL is preparing for a carbon constrained future. We are already the largest privately owned renewable energy company with another 2,000 MW of new wind projects in development.

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  1. solar power brisbane

    I cant wait to see this solar thermal project up and going. Solar thermal is the way of the future. BTW, why is truenergy & BP solar using thin film technology as opposed to mono crystalline? Is it because there is no size restrictions for panels?


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